Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Mobility Cars: Freedom For The Physically Challenged

Mobility Cars are of great service to the physically challenged person in making him independently mobile. It is indeed most unfortunate that a physically challenged person has to be reliant on others if he wishes to move out of his home. Even though they help most willingly it is better if a person on wheel chair could have his own personal transport like a sophisticated Mobility Car where he does not have to move over to the seat and then get back to his wheel chair with great difficulty. These Mobility Cars can be driven by the physically challenged person himself so very easily if he has in his possession a valid driving license.

Mobility cars are great innovative vehicles that make a physically challenged person forget his difficulties. They also significantly enhance the self-esteem and self-reliance of the physically challenged person. He could get all the works done without any assistance to him, and drive up to his work spot. These vehicles are very special purpose vehicles and so are outrageously expensive. It is a cause for concern that even after investing an enormous amount in such a vehicle if its accessories do not work appropriately then the purpose of buying such a vehicle is beaten.

It is worth taking into account what would be the special requirements of the physically challenged person and look for certain essential features in the Mobility car than to regret later. This car is definitely going to cost you dearly, and you would do well to do your research properly before investing such an enormous amount in to buying such a car. To be sure the benefits that accrue from a mobility car wisely chosen easily outweigh the outrageous price paid for such a vehicle.

Certain special requirements of the physically challenged person may make a very popular model totally unsuitable for him. This can become evident when you are offered a test drive from the dealer. You should be adequately convinced that the car has enough head room and has enough space to store your wheel chair as well. When the door opens you should be able to come out in your wheel chair without any undue difficulty. Be specific as to what sort of transmission system you would be comfortable with. Do not go in for a car with manual gear shift if you are used to the automatic gear shift models. Seats that revolve a full 360 degrees are ideal and you will not feel like squeezing out of an expensive car.

If you decide to buy the car but you would like certain features altered ask the dealer whether it is possible at all to make these alterations. Even if that could be done ascertain exactly how much it is going to cost you. Do not spend all your money on the car as you will require some to buy some very essential accessories later to make the driving experience a pleasure.

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